Existentialembroidery made me a custom piece. I sent her a kind of weird idea, and she absolutely ran with it. She created a piece that was even better than I had envisioned. And she kept me updated along the way. What a rad artist and delightful human to work with. her work is authentic and unique and well put together. 10/10.

I’m so happy with the way this piece turned out! Working with you was so easy and fun, and I loved watching my sweet pup come to life in this hoop. I love your use of mixed media!! It’s so unique and definitely makes every piece one of a kind. I am so lucky to own your art, and I will definitely be purchasing from you in the future.


I bought a ready made item after seeing work-in-progress photos of it on Instagram and instantly falling in love. It arrived SO quickly and is now my favourite piece hanging in my office. The quality of the stitching and painting and the creativity in the design blow my mind every day. Couldn’t be happier - thanks so much!


I love the piece you make me so much! It was a v reasonable price ($40) & it was mixed media through pearly white beads & the frame is so cute! The background fabric matched the frame as well, Your attention to detail is outstanding! I love your payment system as well. As a poor college student, I loved that I was able to pay in increments because I wouldn’t have been able to buy the piece all at once. That being said, the prices you set are very reasonable/realistic because of the time, quality, attention to detail, & creativity. I love a lot of the embroidery work on Instagram but few people add in mixed media in the way you do. I love how you push the envelope & take the concept of embroidery - something that usually makes people think of old grannies - & use your chosen medium to create pieces that are “taboo”. Sex can be art, your work proves that. I’m so glad that I own a piece of yours & I’m excited to see the pieces you create in the future. 💕💫


Saw these 3 ready made pieces and knew I had to get them all! IG does not do the detail work justice! I’m in love with all your work and want a million more 💚


I love the portrait of my kitty done by @existentialembroidery, I love the frame, craftsmanship, attention to detail and speediness with which this was done. You should definitely commission something from this talented artist!


I love anything that feels empowering for women and anything that sort of subverts religion, so Taylor was the perfect person to make me a custom hoop. I had her base it off of another custom piece she had made, slightly altering the phrasing but otherwise giving over artistic control. It came out so great! The line work is fantastic but the addition of appliqued fabrics, paints, and gold leaf really made it perfect. Plus she made and shipped it super fast! Highly recommend - 11/10 ❤️


Existentialembroidery is such a brilliant embroidery artist. I’ve always wanted to own art by her, but when she posted that funky gold frame, I knew I had to call dibs. I was hooked up with this vagina with french knot pubes and little beads on the bits. She added some gold glitter to it (glitter and gold are my jams) and it’s just perfect.


Taylor, I fucking LOVE this piece! I saw your triptych of the cascading cum and I fell in love - I immediately knew that I wanted you to do a commission of a similar form. I am absolutely enamored with this piece and it is one of my favorite pieces of artwork by far 💖💖💖


When I came to you for this piece it was with the intention of creating a piece to commemorate my friend’s best friend who passed away suddenly. I absolutely love its simplicity. It is a beautiful piece that is a reminder of the beautiful friend who will always be in our memories. ❤️


I bought this piece over a year ago and it’s still one of my favorite pieces of art on my wall. I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. And I love seeing how your art has evolved since then! Your mixed media is always so well made, and the frames you thrift are spot on!


OMG this piece is beautiful!!! Every small detail has been considered and skillfully executed. Taylor is a real pleasure to work with and has such creative flair!!


I love the piece I got custom made :) it looks just like me and your technique is actually amazing. You do truly great work, I love all your pieces!


I’ve never had something embroidered before. It’s more than a painting cause it’s got all the cool textures. I like the chopsticks and all the details that were put on the image to make it look like fried rice. The font always works out really well cause it feels like the theme matches the fried rice embroidery.


This is my favorite one for obvious reasons. I like seeing the process and she showed me it along the way. I love the pattern in the background and she gave me choices to pick the one I liked best. She captured Stix personality and I love it 😍🐶💕✨


I love this piece because it was small and cute and the floral pattern in the background is so pretty and makes the embroidered skull pop!


I love this show and the dog in it, the detail was really spot on and really captured the style of the show


This is my second custom piece - only a little more complex. I felt totally comfortable sending her pictures of myself at reference and she was so patient with me considering this time around I asked for a lot more. The final product is gorgeous and I couldn’t be happier! She also worked out a payment plan with me and I got my product within the same week of payment! I love Taylor’s work and always show off her art to friends!


As a birthday gift to my partner I wanted to give him something from his favorite show and I saw Taylor had previously done MAC from It’s Always Sunny. She heard out my idea and made it even better with her artistic brain. The final product was awesome!!! Could not be more stoked!


It was just what I wanted to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. she opened it and immediately loved it! Craftsmanship A+++


Absolutely gorgeous and detailed work! I love how my every want was incorporated into the piece. Can’t wait to order another inspired piece in the future. (:


The minute I saw my little alien girl with her pink bun (which I wish I could get my hair to look that good in a messy bun), I knew I had to have her! She fits perfectly in a little gap among frames on my wall. I love looking at her, she just makes me happy.


Amazing attention to detail and overall and amazing artist. I’ve definitely enjoyed watching their work grow and excel over time. This Bojack piece is one of my top favorite art pieces I have ever bought. 🤩


I love the mixed media on this piece! Every detail is just perfect!!! When I saw it I JUST knew I had to have it!


Honestly I'm so impressed. I didn’t know if what I was asking was too much but I’m thrilled with the end product and it’s such nice quality. I don’t have enough words to say how much I like my piece ❤️


This was one of the first pieces that I had seen after following Existential Embroidery’s Instagram. I immediately fell in love with the creativity of all of all of the pieces but this one specifically. The use of beautiful colors and different materials is amazing. It is so detailed and high quality work and I am so glad to add it to my collection. 💖


When I first saw this piece, I knew I had to have it. It was love at first sight. Taylor and I figured out a payment plan, and I was able to put a deposit to claim it, then pay the rest over a couple of months. As soon as she got the full amount, she mailed it. I had my gorgeous flower child within a coupleof days. The detail is fantastic, from the tiny flowers to the skin fold. It is a truly beautiful piece. Thank you so much!


Working with Taylor was a great experience! I picked what size hoop I wanted, specified the color, and sent some reference photos of our cat, Leonardo. She sent me updates as she worked on the portrait and before I knew it, the completed piece was in my hands! Such a simple process and quick delivery. I am pleased. And Leonardo is too! Thank you!