Welcome to Existential Embroidery, where I aim to create truly unique things for every individual person. Typically I do not remake a lot of my work but I do have some designs that are for sale and some made to order embroideries that will be the same design but all have something different about them. All of my commissions are one of a kind and tailored to the clients requests.

I wanted to take this time to make my first blog post and give everyone a bit of information on my website and what you will be seeing while you are exploring my pages. In the embroidery drop down menu, I have several categories where you can see a small preview of all the work I do. Everything I create is posted on Instagram but sometimes the NSFW imagery gets taken down so I am happy to be able to add some here. If you want a real in depth look at all my work, please head over to my Instagram. I have also been working on opening up my store and getting further with getting gifts to my Patreons (which you can check out in my social links drop down menu) in the upcoming months.

I am also very happy to share my processes with people and with my Patreons in depth. If you ever have any questions I am more than happy to answer them! All of my social links are in the drop down menu titled “contact” where you can chose from a variety of options to contact me. Thanks again for looking through my site and I hope you enjoy my work!

-Taylor Marie Lindsay aka Existential Embroidery